My oxiracetam review

Let me start off by saying that I purchased 30 capsules from Smart Powders (link will be at the end of the review) at 20 USD+ 10USD Shipping to Australia which was a pretty average price, now let’s get into my experience.

I took oxiracetam once  every morning every day for 30 days ,each capsule contained 750mg  of oxiracetam. Along with the oxiracetam I took about 750 mg of Alpha GPC as my primary source of choline (adding a choline source will increase the effectiveness and decrease the likely hood of experiencing headaches). Within half and hour of ingesting the oxiracetam you start feeling the effects start coming on and within 45 minutes you should have experience the full effect . Initially I experienced immense focus and mental clarity that I only feel on rare occasion, you’re motivation levels certainly  increase, Thoughts and ideas begin to flow more fluently and mental block seemed to be very rare, hence learning new concepts becomes a breeze (at least it was in my experience)  . The easiest way to describe the feeling is to  imagine that you’ve consumed a decent amount of caffeine but no jitters, no sweating and  no increase in heart rate because it’s not technically a stimulant so you feel totally wired but  non of the adverse side effects occur that are associated with classic stimulants ;Caffeine,Adderall, Ritalin , Dexamphetamine etc. The beauty of Oxiracetam is that unlike other racetams such as Aniracetam and it’s older brother Piracetam is that it does not need weeks –months to start showing results.

Feeling its full effects can be obtained within the first 3 days of use so making a judgment on whether this study aid is right for you can be made win a reasonable time. One dose a day would last me about 6 hours which was enough to get me through my university tutorials and lectures having retained a reasonable amount of information and having grasped concepts quite quickly. Primarily I would suggest oxiracetam for anyone who is doing anything that requires a technical/systematic way of thinking such as for engineering students, medical students, finance student( I being one) etc. In my experience the oxiracetam has helped me immensely with studying for statistics , I am able to retain information, recognise patterns and solve problems at  a much higher rate then I use to, I have also noticed that I make less ‘silly’ errors when solving problems. Additionally, I have noticed that the effects do not completely diminish when you stop taking oxiracetam which is a huge plus.

I recommend starting off with 750mg and moving to 750 x2 a day when you’re comfortable because in my case I felt like the experience would have been even better if I had used 2 doses instead of 1 but I was restricted by my supply .If you have any questions regarding oxiracetam  please leave it in the comments below and I will do my best to answer it as soon as I can .

What is oxiracetam?:

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One thought on “My oxiracetam review

  1. Interesting to hear how quickly it works, I am taking Nupep right now and think it is pretty good. A little harder to “nootropics” but an aware person can definitely tell the difference.

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